About Breast Reduction

Large breasts may present a number of problems for a woman, ranging from back pain to difficulty sleeping, recurring skin rashes, or decreased mobility. Fortunately, a breast reduction offers a woman suffering from these issues the opportunity to reduce her breast size through a single surgical procedure, which will be completed in only a few hours. Once the surgery is complete and the recovery period has passed, the woman will be able to live a life free from the hindrance of large breasts.
During breast reduction surgery, excess fat, skin and glandular tissue are removed from the breasts via a series of incisions. Once the right amount of tissue has been removed, the nipple and areola will be repositioned. By talking to you about your particular concerns and completing an evaluation of your body type and what size and shape of breast will be most aesthetically pleasing on your figure, your plastic surgeon can determine exactly how to perform your breast reduction to reach the desired result with minimal scarring. At times, liposuction may also be performed to remove fat from around the armpit area, bringing the patient even more relief.
Many women who undergo breast reduction surgery find that they already feel better and can experience a great deal of relief after only a few days post-surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Los Angeles County and Beverly Hills, California

At Bellavita Center, we help women achieve their goals by performing breast reduction surgeries for patients throughout Los Angeles County and also in Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Torrance and the surrounding areas. If you are ready to seek relief from the pain and discomfort associated with excessively large breasts, please schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Hsu. He will be happy to talk to you about your goals and your concerns.

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