Beverly Hills Breast Reconstruction Surgery

If you had your breast(s) removed in order to treat breast cancer, you may be interested in rebuilding your breasts. Breast reconstruction can help you achieve this. In this procedure, your plastic surgeon will rebuilt the breast in order to make it approximately the same size and shape it was before the mastectomy. The surgeon can also work to reconstruct the nipple and areola. Some women may opt to have their breast reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy, but what is recommended will vary on a patient to patient basis. Particularly if radiation will be needed in the future, this may increase potential complications following a breast reduction and in these cases it will typically be advised that the patient wait until radiation therapy is complete.
Breast reconstruction may involve more than one procedure, the first restoring the form to the breast and the second reconstructing the nipple and areola. Breast reconstruction may be achieved through saline implants or by using tissue from another part of the patient’s body, usually the stomach, back, thighs or buttocks.

Is Breast Reconstruction Right For You?

Would you like to get more information about breast reconstruction? By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Hsu, you can find out whether you may be a candidate for this procedure as well as what types of results to expect. The goal in this procedure will be to create the most natural looking and feeling breast with the least amount of invasive surgery possible, and as such it will be important to talk about your unique case and concerns.
Breast reconstruction may dramatically change a woman’s life. Being able to see and feel both breasts again may be an overwhelming experience and can greatly improve self-confidence. Contact Los Angeles County plastic surgeon Dr. Hsu today to talk about your options regarding breast reconstruction.

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