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Beverly Hills and Los Angeles County Tummy Tuck Surgery

Sometimes, no matter what we do we simply cannot get rid of excess fat and skin around the abdominal area. This is a common issue after weight loss, and post-pregnancy a mother may be left with unsightly stretch marks and abdominal muscles that have permanently lost their form. Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a “tummy tuck,” can resolve these issues. A tummy tuck will remove excess tissue and get rid of stretch marks permanently – and the best part is that most incisions from this procedure can be hidden by a bikini bottom. The end result: the flat, tight and youthful-looking abdomen you have been hoping for.

Are you ready to permanently remove excess skin and fat from your abdominal area? Los Angeles County plastic surgeon, Dr. Hsu, can talk to you about tummy tuck surgery and how this can resolve your problems and give you the smooth, contoured waist you desire.

How a Tummy Tuck Works

A tummy tuck will address three main issues in order to help you obtain the flat stomach you want:

  • Loose skin and stretch marks
  • Fat tissue, often accumulated in the lower abdomen in particular
  • Muscle weakness or separation

A tummy tuck is performed by making an incision along the lower abdominal and pubic area, from hip to hip. Loose skin is lifted off the abdomen, exposing the abdominal muscles which are stitched into a new, tighter position. The excess skin and fat is then stretched and removed and the remaining skin is placed back over the abdomen and sutured into place. The final step will be to re-attach the belly button so it is proportional with the rest of the new abdomen. A tummy tuck can be performed with liposuction in order to create a more defined result. A full abdominoplasty will typically take 2 to 4 hours, but the specific time and results will vary depending on the patient and his or her particular needs.

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